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Fireworks 3D Screensaver 2.0 Add to your Favorites!

Realistic free Fireworks 3D screensaver

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Come to see realistic free Fireworks 3D screensaver! People enjoy fireworks on most holidays and celebrations. We have developed this screensaver for you and you can use it on any holiday you want! Surprise your kids, friends, relatives, classmates and neighbors. Fireworks 3D screensaver offers you endless fireworks rockets that explode with various transition effects. More than 12 fireworks types with numerous colors and its combinations will surely impress you. Rockets start at random positions, directions and speed. And, of course, you will see animated blinking stars background! It has no sound effects, not to bother you. Just relax and watch great free 3d screensaver for your desktop PC! Screensaver is very compact and installs in few seconds.
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