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InHisVerse Bible Dictionary 1.21 Add to your Favorites!

Every Word Wrapped in Strongs Definition.

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Every word is wrapped in its Strongs definition with a complete Greek and Hebrew concordance and detailed lexicon definitions. Find related passages easily and explore how words were used in the original text. InHisVerse is an excellent way to learn basic Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Bible teachers will find searching text using an original dictionary a fascinating way to teach. It is an offline tool. Youll never wear out your love of study; InHisVerse is so easy to use. While reading a verse in the outline, click on any word to reveal its deeper meaning. The words linguistic info along with Thayer, Brown, Berean definitions are displayed along with how it was translated. At the same time, a fully interactive concordance showing where the word was used is loaded into its own window, important because the Bible builds upon itself; certain parts cannot be fully understood without others. InHisVerse uses the brand new Berean Study Bible Translation. InHisVerse Basic is free; it does not expire and is designed to make Bible reading exciting again, giving you the tools to discover new treasures in your faith walk, while you learn the languages used by the ancients. As an added bonus, every installation includes a free 30 day trial of InHisVerse Extras - Tools designed to round out your study experience. It expands the default lexicons by adding one of the only native language synonym searches available that acts as a bridge between Greek and Hebrew, a Greek inspector tool to help you find related words and complete BibleHub.Com resources. It also adds scholarly commentaries and dictionaries which are uniquely linked at the verse level, revealing a scholars interpretation of the verse. Extras includes a complementary KJV lexicon along with bookmarks and reading history. Find out more at For Windows 7, 8, 10; 2 gig memory recommended
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