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isimSoftware School Fee Software 1.0.1 Add to your Favorites!

isimSoftware School Fee Software

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isimSoftware School Fee Software is fee management system for Schools, Colleges and Education Institutions Fee management is a tedious and time consuming task for schools, colleges and other education institutions. It is very hard to manage such a huge and sensitive data on paper registers. Download the demo version of isimSoftware School Fee Software and try it yourself. Features Add / Edit / Delete classes Add / Edit / Release students Add / Edit / Delete fee types (Regular Fee, Transport Fee, Admission Fee etc.) Deposit fee of a student and track the fee history View and download the fee slip View due status of all the students View summary of fee deposited, fine collected and concession given for a particular duration (duration may be a day, week, month or an year) View the list of released/previous students Search and sort the data as per your convenience (for example, sort the data by class, student name, roll number, gender, DOB, fee type, fee deposit date, due date etc.) Advantages All the information is available in front of you within a second with just few clicks No need to maintain hefty paper registers to manage student and fee records Saves a lot of working hours and efforts Easy to use interface. No special skill required to operate it. No internet connection required Your sensitive fee data is not exposed to internet No hectic installation required (just download, un-zip and run) Negligible hard disk space required One time cost and free upgrades How to use? Download and double click on isimSoftwareSchoolFeeSoftware.msi. To view and download the fee slip, you should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. System date format should be dd/MM/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy. If not, you can set it from Control Panel. Technical Specifications This application is developed with SQLITE as database. It runs on Windows Operating System.
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