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WebAccess HTML5 RDP Client

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RDS-WebAccess is using HTML5 to open Remote Desktop with any web browser. Its high performance HTML5 RDP Client is providing browser based access to Windows Remote Desk (virtual & physical), running on Windows Terminal Services (RDS). Access and control your Windows Remote Desktop from anywhere! Use any Device, Smartphone / Tablet (e.g., iPad, iPhone, Android device), locked-down workstation, or PC running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS. Extends the reach of VMware View, Citrix XenApp, Dell vWorkspace and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection Broker, to any HTML5-enabled devices and browsers. Enjoy: Zero Client Software! No need to install Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX or any other underlying technology on the end-user device. RDS-WebAccess takes advantage of HTML5 Web browser technology to deliver immediate, high-performance RDP access to Remote Desktops, from anywhere and on almost any end-user device. RDS WebAccess has a wide range of features that everyone can use, such as: customizable web portal, Remote / local printing with its Virtual Printer, Automatic keyboard display, File Transfer between the remote host and the local end-user device and documents (Upload and Download)... and much more. Download for the trial version. The license is per server, without user limit. RDS-WebAccess 12 version is a major innovation: The interface of the Administration Tool has been completely redesigned to provide a remote desktop application that is comprehensive, simple, and clearly organized for easy management.
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    Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 Windows 
    24.05.2019 / 183.98 MB
    TSplus 12.30 Windows 
    01.05.2019 / 87.05 MB
    Terminal Service Plus 12.30 Windows 
    01.05.2019 / 87.05 MB
    Wayk Now 3.2 Windows 
    08.03.2019 / 13.2 MB
    Action1 Install Software Remotely Windows 
    08.02.2019 / 5.28 MB
    TSplus App 3.0 Android 
    01.02.2019 / 32.37 MB
    MobaXterm 11.1 Windows 
    20.01.2019 / 23.75 MB
    DirectUpdate 4.7.8 Windows 
    15.10.2018 / 8.67 MB
    Action1 Add Remove Static Route R Windows 
    28.08.2018 / 5.28 MB
    Action1 Add or Remove Network Pri Windows 
    28.08.2018 / 5.28 MB
    Action1 Create Scheduled Task Rem Windows 
    28.08.2018 / 5.28 MB
    Action1 Block USB Ports Remotely  Windows 
    28.08.2018 / 5.28 MB
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