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Screen Recorder Expert - Record with audio

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Screen Recorder Expert - Screen recorder with audio and many effects - Screen recorder windows supported - Screen capture on schedule - Cut video, image editing. Do you want to screen recorder with audio ? Do you want a screen recorder windows that can screen capture with audio and also cut video and apply advanced image editing effects ? Do you want to screen capture on schedule for a specific date and time or on a weekly schedule ? Then try Screen Recorder Expert which can do all that and has also many more other features such as capture entire screen, or select area of screen to capture, or specify window to capture Screen Recorder Expert has also many effects such as display colored circle around mouse cursor, show a wave animation on each click, zoom on each click, play mouse click sound or custom sound on each click, play keystroke sound when pressing keys. It can also show a coundown before recording starts and print the date and time, frame number on the video at the position you want. It can also screen capture on schedule this is very useful for security surveillance or other applications. It can run in automatically in stelath mode or not and on a specific date and time or on a weekly schedule. With Screen Recorder Expert you can also cut parts of the video after the recording has finished. Screen Recorder Expert has also strong image editing capabilities and you can easily adjust brightness and contrast, colors and apply filters and many other image editing effects. Moreover, Screen Recorder Expert suppots many video output formats and you can specify also your own video ouput profiles. The application is also multilingual and translated into 39 different languages. If you look for a screen recorder with audio then try Screen Recorder Expert is a screen recorder windows supporting and has many features and is easy to use.

31.92 MB
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