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Virtual Ethernet Switch 1.10 Add to your Favorites!

Build a custom Virtual Ethernet Switch.

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Virtual Ethernet Switch makes it easy as never before to connect devices, computers, and network segments into a network. It eliminates the hassle of carrying an extra hardware and searching for power outlets when a single laptop can be instantly converted into a network switch with custom settings for each port. Its lightweight implementation as an application reduces interference with other programs. Its convenient selection of network cards as switch ports adds the flexibility of choosing the most appropriate hardware for the job and fine tuning its parameters. By assigning a wireless network card to a switch port, VES gains the capability of connecting (dial-out only) to WiFi networks to share network with other computers. The connecting and disconnecting of network segments of wireless and wired media types becomes an easy task. Each port can be designated as Smart or Dumb to limit or broaden traffic visibility when network monitoring is used. The port exclusivity settings allow or prohibit the local use of network cards already assigned as network switch ports. The restriction of support to only static IPs ensures consistent connectivity of devices and networks each time the VES is used.
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Windows XP SP3 with .Net 4.0

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